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One of the most popular types of escorts on our pages are the duos and couples escorts. These services are usually requested by someone who is feeling very naughty, and who considers one man or woman to not be enough. Though duos and couples escorts sound very similar, they are in fact a different services. A duo is where two women work together, where as a couple is where a man and a woman work with each other.
You can find on this webpage Duos and Couples Escorts sorted by cities.

For some men, one girl is never enough! That is why at İstanbul Escorts we have a number of girls who team up to make the most amazing İstanbul duo export experiences available anywhere. Not only are our girls beautiful and sexy, they are also friends and we make sure that the girls that we pair up together get on well, know each other and can work in tandem to ensure that your duo escort date lives up to all of your expectations. The girls are comfortable attending your home or hotel to meet up or are also available through out İstanbul in some luxury apartments in some of the capitals most sought after addresses. These girls are sparkling and sexy and will be comfortable working together to ensure you all have a great time on your duo date. No matter what the occasion, no matter the price: cheap or expensive ladies of different taste such as: Busty, Petite, Elite, Tall, Mature, Blonde, Lesbian and others  of İstanbul Escorts will ensure that it is one that will be never forget.

Duo Escorts İstanbul Escorts Duos and Couples Escorts

İstanbul Escorts Duo Escort Girls Gallery
They say two heads are better than one, but here at İstanbul Escort Girls we say two bodies are better than one also! That sounds a little confusing we know, but try to keep up. What we're offering you here on this page is of course the dual escort experience. Something everyone should try out at least once in their life if they want to say they've truly lived! The following girls are happy to meet up with each other and join you for a booking at your convenience. Obviously, some duo escorts will work better with certain girls, but we'll be able to advise you clearly when you make a booking and help you make a choice if you need us
Genuinely bisexual escort duos
We aim to make your duo escorts İstanbul escort experience an enjoyable one, so we wouldn’t be foolish enough to match girls together in this gallery if we weren’t sure that the two girls in question were happy to meet you together. And most of our clients who book escort duos expect the girls they book to be bisexual too. This provides a very exciting dynamic to the booking. When a client knows that the young ladies they have booked find one another attractive it’s a massive turn on. It’s just as exciting to spend time with two escorts anyway, but until you’ve booked to genuinely bisexual İstanbul girls, you’ll never know
This category will not match up virtually all the girls we have in our İstanbul escorts gallery, just because we can either. Sadly, this is a practice carried out by some agencies, but not something we wish to do. It only causes more problems when girls are advertised as being this or that, only for the client to discover that they actually are not. Any claims of bisexuality should be as honest as possible from an agency’s perspective.

Duo Escort Girls Partner.

Vip Escort Türkiye'nin En iyi Sonuç Veren İstanbul Escort Bayan, Fetish and BDSM Mistress Mutlu Son Masaj Yapan Nuru Masöz Eskort Bayan (NetWork) İletişim Ağı.

Duo Escorts İstanbul Escort Ladies

Inaccurate information
This isn’t always easy of course, simply because we are not always given completely accurate information. When girls apply to us for representation, they may tell us they do this or that, or that they are genuinely bisexual, and they like to work with a particular girl, and when it comes down to a booking, we may discover that she hasn’t been completely truthful about it. It’s understandable in many respects, we get it. Girls who want to pursue a career in the İstanbul escort business have a lot of competition (especially from others from eastern Europe or Russia), so they feel as though they need to make false claims.
Sadly for them, this is false economy, since if we discover this to be true, we will often no longer represent them at the agency. We like to have an open and honest line of communication with both our clients and the girls we represent. It’s not always an easy balance, but we try our best. The escort duos you see on this page are all verified happy to do bookings with other girls, offering full disclosure about their individual sexuality.
Frequently changing duos
It’s not that the girls choose to do duo escort experiences with other girls all the time, but sometimes their girlfriends leave for holidays or they decide they fancy a change. This means that they will no longer appear in this gallery. It doesn’t mean that they won’t appear in the main gallery of course. Also, with the high turnover of European and Russian escorts in İstanbul today, these duos are bound to change frequently. It really is best to book them whilst you can gents!

İstanbul Escorts Duo Escort Girls İstanbul Escort Experience

Imagine walking into a trendy İstanbul restaurant like Texture with two girls on your arm! Ever wanted to look like a millionaire playboy? Well this is the way to do it we're quite sure. Even having a couple of girls like the ones you see here visit your hotel room is a very impressive date. Of course, if you're a little more unassuming then you might want to visit the girls you see here at an incall escorts 5 star hotel room in İstanbul. These girls don't all live together of course. But they will happily migrate to the other's apartment for the night. You'll find them in locations like: Taksim, Şişli, Beşiktaş, Etiler, Ataşehir, Bostancı and virtually any other place you could care to mention. An experience with two girls of your choice from this gallery will be one you'll never forget!

Reviews please!
Our İstanbul escort duos don’t actually get that many reviews for some reason. Perhaps the process is a little complicated here and there, we’re not sure. Either way, it would be marvellous for some of you gentlemen to let others know just how much fun you had with two girls instead of one! You don’t have to go into any specific details of course. In fact if you are leaving the review on our website, we would rather you refrain from writing any graphic details about your meeting. This is nothing to do with us.

Duo Escorts İstanbul Escorts Duos and Couples Trio Escorts Foursome Escorts

However, if you want to write a review about your experience and help the agency, and indeed the girls you have booked, you can leave an independent review. We’re betting that there aren’t that many reviews for duo escorts on those independent escort review websites, so this might be just what they need. Your review would certainly get a lot of attention, and we would be incredibly grateful. We just want the rest of İstanbul to know just how marvellous it is to enjoy the company of two girls rather than just one! And if you have yet to have this experience, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and we’ll set you up with a İstanbul escort threesome!
Bi duo escort girls shows
Keep your eyes open in this gallery for any escort duo that says they do a Bi Duo Show Experience. This is something else entirely, and it’s actually exclusive to İstanbul Escort Girls. The girls literally offer you a show that they perform together! And you better believe that it’s good, and that the girls are genuinely bisexual. Believe us when we tell you that they get as much out of it as you’re going to (probably more actually!)

Treesome Escorts Trio Escort Girls
Looking to have a bit of real fun with a group of girls? Then or trio of girls selection can be the best way to manage an escort in İstanbul. We make sure that all of our İstanbul escorts are happy to take place in threesome environments, ensuring that they can all be a significant part of the fun with you – or you can just enjoy the view; whatever you prefer!
The main aim of this trio of girls selection for our İstanbul escorts, though, comes from the fact that they offer such a calming and relaxing environment to have fun in.
Three is better than one!”
Forget the challenge of a threesome – our trio of girls can make it hard for you to want to stay out! Leave behind the idea of stage fright or not lasting long enough by using our selection of experienced İstanbul escorts who can help make sure that your fantasies and your dreams of being with a trio of girls can be as easy as possible.
Three pearls for your pleasure!
Regardless of what you are hoping to see or receive from your threesome event with a trio of girls, you’ll find that our escorts make it increasingly simple.
Erotic Massage, Soft SM, SM Dominant, Threesome, Threesome couple
For the ultimate experience call Duo Escorts İstanbul 24/7 agency.
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